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What can I use without breaking stuff? (sometimes)

What have I done? (mostly involved breaking stuff)

What would I like to do or what fields I would like to make an impact in? (always)

Web Dev
Game Dev
Data Science


Some stuff I've done that I find interesting!


I'm Adarsh Sinha and I currently study at the University of California, Los Angeles! I'm majoring in Computer Science and intending to minor in Geographic Information Systems & Technology.

I've been coding since I was 9-10, having been exposed to the wonders of this world thanks to 2 people:

Extended History

Since then, I've been making things using PHP as trusty pen to write fun things! I love to learn by doing and started out with PHP by making a one-page game combat system, calling it Blades of Glory. However, my interest in Space soon took over and I decided to make a map-based space game called 7Revolutions! Some old-timers from Legacy would recall it. It went through numerous variations before I ultimately left it and moved on.

Over the course, I eventually ended up experimenting with Flash for a solid few years. I never jumped the boat to Actionscript 3 from Actionscript 2, finding the latter simplified things, and hey - if it's simple, why do it any other way? Turns out this was simply because I wasn't used to classes yet but more on that later!

Eventually I learned Java through high school, and I've picked up C++ in College and this is where I am.

I primarily find myself making websites, experiments (nowadays mainly through HTML5's Flash-killing Canvas), and so on. I love to experiment! The number of experiments/prototypes for different things (flash, php/MySQL, html5) I have on various laptops is limitless!

I love to code because simply put, with the ability to code, if you can think it, you can make it! Some other websites I've made: Rift (I'll have it up soon for the world to see), which was a web-based game with a major emphasis on storyline and single-player gameplay. I built a whole conversation/NPC and Quest system for this about 3 years ago, and it was my biggest challenge at the time! I had a good small team working with me, comprising of players from Legacy. Eventually I took it down as Zorg offered me and another team member co-developer positions on Legacy and another game he was contemplating at the time. This experience only lasted for an extremely short while (as a company took over his game since he was employed), but it was a huge learning experience!

Around the same time period, 2010-2012, I made a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style content creation system called Paper Fates. I never did anything further with it, but I used concepts I picked up from Rift's conversation system and it turned out to be a pretty cool, if not too user friendly, website!

Most recently, I built Nova Narratives and Flag The World. I built Flag World in about 24 hours (actual working hours) over two days. It was so much of fun! It's a fun little game although there's no points system as such. There's a lot of room for expansion but it's something I'd like to leave aside for now and maybe revisit down the line. I love working on stupid little things and it's just nice to have a finished, if not final, version! I believe that any software, be it web-based or otherwise, is never a 'finished product'. It can't be. There will always be some way to improve it, to make the experience so much more than it already is. I also have a similar reasoning for when I have an idea that's been done before, even if just once. I believe you should only execute a relatively common idea if you have a better way of doing it!
*looks at certain video game series*